Ghost Stories Ep1: Charles Savage (EasyEquities)

Episode 1 June 14, 2022 01:06:57
Ghost Stories Ep1: Charles Savage (EasyEquities)
Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories Ep1: Charles Savage (EasyEquities)

Jun 14 2022 | 01:06:57


Show Notes

Ghost Stories is a long-form podcast that gives me the opportunity to have deeper conversations with founders, executives and market participants who have a great story to tell.

In the inaugural episode, I welcome a founder who has literally reshaped the way people in South African invest in the market. EasyEquities has opened doors that were previously closed, enabling retail investors to build wealth in a cost-effective manner.

In a conversation lasting over an hour, we covered numerous points related to the story of EasyEquities, the purpose of the business, the use of partnerships, the product roadmap, the total addressable market and more.

This show is for every entrepreneur who wants to learn from a great founder and every EasyEquities investor who wants to get closer to the business. Get ready to learn from Charles about:

 We ended off with a fun question to Charles about three local and three global stocks that are in his portfolio. The local choices are focused on energy and the global picks are focused on tech, which isn’t a surprise!

This podcast is for every South African investor. We hope you enjoy it!

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